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Dead Seoul Chapter 5

Title: Cold and Damp II [Dead Seoul]
Pairings: Hanchul, Kyumin, Kangteuk
Genre: Zombie!AU
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: swearing, a ton of plot
Summary: After Seoul becomes infested with the living dead and the government abandons them; it's only natural that they realise hidden feelings in the midst of disaster - but where are Heechul and Sungmin? What happened to Hankyung? Did Youngwoon and Jungsu escape? And is Kyuhyun really dead?
Notes: let's just make it a thing for me to be really late updating ok

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It was already 8pm but the sun still shined on stubbornly as it was wont to do in early summer. Heechul sat in the swivel chair at the computers, his knees drawn up beneath his chin as he span lazily back and forth. Sungmin and Hankyung still sat on the mattress and both of them were on edge.

‘Why won’t Kyuhyun come out until its dark?’ Heechul asked. He didn’t seem interested at all, just wanting to break the silence. Sungmin fidgeted at the question.

‘They changed his genetics,’ answered Hankyung, ‘they messed him up pretty bad. His eyes are completely ruined, sunlight blinds him. He can only move out in the dark.’ he glanced at Sungmin, ‘He knows we’re here, he can smell Sungmin from a mile off, I’d guess.’

‘Why are we waiting for him, then?’

‘We have to!’ Sungmin straightened, eyebrows furrowed.

‘But why?’ Heechul looked at Sungmin blankly, ‘He’ll kill you.’

‘He won’t.’

‘He’s dead, Sungmin…’

Sungmin stood and clenched his fists, gritting his teeth.

‘Stop winding him up, Heechul.’ Hankyung sighed, ‘He won’t do Sungmin any harm. He’ll take enough blood to keep the both of them alive, I’m sure of it. There’s no way he’d kill Sungmin.’ He glanced at Heechul for a second, licked his lips. Heechul frowned.

‘What do you mean he won’t hurt Sungmin?'

‘He was matched with Sungmin’s blood, he needs it to survive but, well, there’s no guaranteeing he won’t hurt us.’ Hankyung shrugged and Heechul threw his hands in the air dramatically.

‘Why on Earth are we still here, then?’

‘We’ve changed, too, Heechul. If Kyuhyun does anything, I’ll protect you.’ He looked at his feet awkwardly before shifting his gaze to Sungmin. ‘And if you can get Kyuhyun to remember himself, he could become a useful weapon.’

Sungmin scoffed, shook his head in disbelief. He turned and lifted the map, opening the door to the bedroom and slamming it behind him.

They sat there, then. Heechul on the chair and Hankyung on the mattress, looking anywhere but at each other.

‘Talk for fucks sake.’ Heechul said, a smile playing on his lips, and Hankyung smiled back at him shyly. He’d changed, Heechul thought. He was a leader now, more confident than he’d seen him be in those three days he’d known the man. His skin was tanned and his hair uncombed. His face was still bruised from the beating Heechul had given him and Heechul felt a sudden pang of guilt. He stood up and knelt beside Hankyung on the mattress, gingerly touching his split lip. ‘I’m sorry.’ He said quietly. Hankyung laughed softly.

‘It’s okay. I barely felt it, you punch so weakly.’

‘Shut up!’ Heechul gave him a light push, and they laughed together like old friends. The laughter trailed off and they just looked at each other for a moment, eyes wandering and hearts beating before Heechul curled his fingers into Hankyung’s shirt and pulled him close for a deep kiss.

He gasped at the sensation of Hankyung’s tongue running over his lips, pressing inside and exploring the heat of his mouth as it slid against his own. The Chinese man’s hands ran up and down his back before hot fingers danced against bare skin, pulling his shirt off and throwing it to the side before capturing his lips more heatedly than before.

Large hands ran along Heechul’s spine and he tangled his fingers in the man’s messy hair, letting him push him down onto the mattress. Hankyung’s kisses were unskilled and shy but Heechul felt the passion behind each one. How long had Hankyung been waiting to kiss him, yet Heechul didn’t even know he’d existed, not until the world ended. Teeth clashed, nails scratched and tongues tied as they wrestled in the moth-eaten sheets and soon enough Heechul’s clothes were forgotten, and he was already working on doing the same for Hankyung. Heechul felt so skinny and pale beneath the Chinese man, who was all muscle and golden skin, but when soft lips pressed against his lily white thighs his insecurities was pushed aside, replaced by love and lust and pleasure.

Hankyung watched Heechul writhe beneath him, gasping and moaning into the pillow. He almost couldn’t believe what was happening. His stomach coiled and tightened and he leaned down to capture Heechul’s lips briefly and tenderly before he fell slack against the slimmer man, breaths quick and hard as he thrust weakly a few more times. He pressed kisses to Heechul’s shoulder, felt his soft skin against his lips and his fingers encircling his neck.

Heechul was pushing him away, and he let him, but when he saw why his heart slowed and his mouth went dry. Pale blue eyes and flushed cheeks drew closer before leaning in, a soft, wet mouth opening at the juncture of Hankyung’s neck and he gasped, bit back a shout. He knew, of course he knew, but the shock was still there. It didn’t hurt; it was like a hickey that went more than skin-deep. He held Heechul’s body closer as his teeth bit deeper, his tongue lashing hotly against his skin. He was aroused again, he realised with horror. He bit back a moan as Heechul let go, his teeth sliding out slowly before he fell back against the mattress, his hair fanning out against the pillow and there were tears on his cheeks, blood on his plump lips.

‘What am I?’ he whispered through a sob, eyes fading back to brown, shiny with tears and pinched with sadness and fear.

‘Heechul.’ said Hankyung, and he kissed him softly. ‘You’re Heechul, and you’re perfect.’

The taste of his own blood seemed sweet on Heechul’s lips.


Sungmin awoke to the sound of beeping, insistent and irritating and he sat up groggily. When did he fall asleep? The mattress he lay on was flat and hard and his shoulder was stiff. He kicked the thin white sheet he’d used as a blanket off his legs and clambered out of the small single bunk, feeling the rough carpet on his bare feet. He sat for a moment, perched on the edge of the bunk with his head held in his hands. Maybe it had all been a dream, all of it. He laughed to himself, then. No. He wasn’t deluded yet. This was real, and when he left this room he’d find Hankyung and Heechul and when he left this van he’d find hell. And Kyuhyun. He refused to believe they were the same thing.

He stood, pushed open the door and for a moment he wondered why it wouldn’t open properly. He tugged the map up through the crack in the door and slid through, stepping gingerly into the larger room. It was dark, now, only the flashing of the central monitor giving any light at all. There were no words on the screen, just colours. Red to black to red again, on and off and beeping and beeping. He scowled at the screen as if he could stop it with a look but it persisted and he turned his attention elsewhere. The room turned from black to grey and red and he made out the cables and the keyboards and the papers stuck to the walls. Where was Hankyung? Heechul? He heard the shuffling of sheets behind him and he turned to look only to avert his eyes instantly. Wow. He cleared his throat. Twice. The smaller man stirred, groaned, rolled onto his back. He cleared his throat again and Heechul jumped out of his skin, bolting off the mattress and gathering the sheets around his naked body; he looked at him in the dim light with eyes full of shock and terror before he realised it was just Sungmin and he flopped back down onto the mattress again. Hankyung awoke lying calmly and quietly.

Sungmin turned his back on the two, feeling embarrassed for no apparent reason. ‘Why is the screen flashing?’ he asked.

‘It does that when there’s something outside.’ Hankyung spoke softly, almost inaudibly. ‘Probably Kyuhyun.’

There was a fleshy slapping sound and Hankyung hissed in pain. ‘How can you be so calm? Shouldn’t we be scared or something?’ Heechul was pulling on his clothes, stumbling around in the dark as he threw some in Hankyung’s face. Hankyung got dressed slowly and flicked a switch at his computer, flooding the room with green light as the night-vision camera screens lit up and showed the road outside. Two bright green specks glowed out from one of the screens. Eyes.

‘He’s being cautious. We have plenty of time.’

Yes, Sungmin thought. It was just like Kyuhyun to be cautious. So there was still some of him left, right? What a stupid thing to think. His life was in danger and he was staring into the cold, uncaring eyes of the man who aimed to devour him and all he could think of were his fickle emotions. But something was tugging at him, drawing his thoughts to Kyuhyun and only Kyuhyun. He stared longingly at the screen, Kyuhyun’s shadowy green silhouette edging closer. He could hear Heechul and Hankyung speaking, were they talking to him? He couldn’t tell, it was all a blur and he touched the screen gently. When had he walked this close? A hand fell on his shoulder, shaking him gently from his trance.

‘Let’s go.’


It was pitch black outside, though the cloudy sky was lined with a soft, dark violet. A spring-time chill still hung in the air but Sungmin barely felt it for the pounding of his heart, the blood rushing through his veins. The three of them stood just outside the van, waiting. Kyuhyun was very cautious, it seemed. They stood there for nearly twenty minutes before they saw him emerge from around the corner, a tall, skinny silhouette in the dark. And Sungmin’s feet moved without thought. Step after step he shortened the distance between him and the shadow, unheeding to Heechul’s distant yelling. Kyuhyun was so close, now, just a few steps. He readied himself to leap, to throw himself into Kyuhyun’s arms, but the shadow moved, and his face was close. Pale and gaunt and blue. So blue, his eyes. So close. His hands were cold as they cupped his jaw, as they tilted his head gently. As were his lips against the warm flesh of his neck, but his mouth was hot and burning, a raging fire coating his blunt teeth as they sunk hard and deep into the soft meat beneath. Someone was shouting, was it him? So much pain, yet he held Kyuhyun close, tight, his hands balling up in the material of his shirt. His eyes were closed, great vibrant sparks playing behind his eyelids, static and light and colour and then Kyuhyun was finished and the colours were gone, replaced only by black and nothing.

Heechul was yelling but Hankyung held him back, leaned close and whispered, ‘Just wait'.’

Sungmin was warm where Kyuhyun was cold and it almost burnt, like frostbite to a flame. He was beautiful, truly. More than his hazy mind could remember, more than he could see in the dim light of the facility. Milky-skinned and dark-eyed, he walked toward him as if he had no fears; threw himself at Kyuhyun’s chest like an old lover. A coiling, tightening sensation tugged at Kyuhyun’s heart, though, at the look in Sungmin’s eyes as he saw him in the light. Horror, fear, the things he never wanted the man in his arms to feel. But he didn’t let go, he didn’t run away. He stared, and he was close, so close Kyuhyun could smell him. The memory of his taste made his mouth water, he licked his lips, leaned close. Sungmin’s breaths were hot, short puffs through plump, parted lips. So close. With skin like marble beneath his teeth he savoured the metallic taste and Sungmin gasped, moaned. He pulled him closer, bit deeper. Sungmin cried out in agony, but Kyuhyun could feel the swelling in his loins as he pressed ever closer, closer, closer. But when he was full, Sungmin fell limp in his arms. Blood wet his lips and guilt was a heavy weight in his gut. He fell to his knees with Sungmin pulled against his chest, his head lolling back, skin pale and bloodless. Had he killed him? No. There was breath in his lungs. He watched in silence the rise and fall of his chest, but his lips were now pale and blue where Kyuhyun’s were cherry red and Heechul was yelling again.

‘Come with us, Kyuhyun.’ He heard Hankyung shout, but he didn’t look up. Heechul fell silent for a moment – but only a moment.

‘Why are you telling him to come with us?’ He asked with incredulity, mouth twisted in disgust. ‘He just killed Sungmin, you idiot!’

‘He didn’t kill him, like you didn’t kill me.’ He smirked, and Heechul flushed red as a tomato, punched Hankyung hard in the arm and directed his gaze away from the arrogant Chinese man.

‘What do we do now, then?’ He grumbled, refusing to meet Hankyung’s eyes. Kyuhyun still knelt on the sidewalk, bent over Sungmin’s unconscious body, his thick mop of curly hair obscuring his face. Hankyung spoke again.

‘He’ll die out here, Kyuhyun. Come inside. He needs sleep and warmth, and we need to talk.’

Heechul made a strange face as the words left Hankyung’s mouth. Why did he always speak so confusingly? What did they need to speak about, anyway? Kyuhyun was a zombie now, why would you need to have a chat with a corpse? Heechul didn’t understand, but as he stood bewildered, Kyuhyun stirred from his depression, glaring at them through his tangled, greasy bangs. He stood, and Heechul tensed, but Hankyung shook his head. The gesture told him there was nothing to be wary of, but Heechul didn’t have as much faith as the Chinese man seemed to. He matched Kyuhyun’s expression, watched him walk with shaky, slow steps towards the van, Sungmin carried in his arms as if he were a mere child. Just thinking that he’d be trapped inside the van with this monster made him want to run, to go it alone, but Hankyung had faith, so he did too.

Hankyung opened the door when Kyuhyun was close, ushered him in; but Kyuhyun stopped before the first step and looked at Heechul. It felt cold, somehow. With just that look Heechul felt frozen to the core, but his own glare was just as icy and Kyuhyun proceeded to mount the steps into the van, reluctant as he was.

‘Remind me why he’s coming with us again.’ He hissed, climbing in afterwards. Hankyung only snickered, answering with mystery as always.

‘You’ll see in the end.’

Heechul nearly turned to throttle him but was cut short by a sound that must’ve stopped his heart for a moment. He looked off into the distance, the thick darkness of the street beyond before meeting Hankyung’s eyes with an expression of terror.

‘They heard you shouting.’ He said. ‘We should go.’

His calmness, which had previously been a comfort, now irked him and he would've addressed it if it wasn't for the pressing danger. Instead he turned, continuing his climb into the van. He jumped into the passenger seat, fastening his seatbelt as Hankyung sat beside him, turning the key in the ignition.

‘Where’s Kyuhyun?’ He asked, and Hankyung pointed a thumb over his shoulder.

‘They’re in the bedroom.’

‘Where are we going?’

‘To kill the people who made us this way, of course. And maybe save Youngwoon and Jungsu on the way.’ He glanced at Heechul, then back at the road. The headlights flickered on and off before flooding the street before them in white light, crooked silhouettes in the distance. He pressed his boot-clad feet to the pedals, hit the gas.

‘If they’re still alive, that is.’


He lay Sungmin down gently on the bottom bunk and sat down at his pillow. As he reached to move a strand of hair away from his eyes, he found himself hesitating for a moment, but he found the courage, felt the silky strands beneath his marble-like fingers and stroked Sungmin’s thin face as he slept. He didn’t feel tired himself, though. He could barely remember how it felt to sleep.

Though the room was pitch black with no windows to let light in, he could see Sungmin clear as day. The blood was drying on his neck, he saw, and he touched his own copper-stained lips with a pang of guilt and sickness. He’d been different once, he knew. He remembered being bitten, though the wound was long healed. He’d died and risen again as the same terror that had killed him in the first place. Why couldn’t they have just killed him completely, rather than turning him into this? To do something so horrid to Sungmin - not once, but twice - was cruel and painful; not only for Sungmin, but Kyuhyun too. The first time he hadn’t had the mind to stop, but this time he knew what he was doing, and he wanted to. He wanted it more than words could say, to feel Sungmin completely, to taste him. Sungmin had enjoyed it too though, hadn’t he? He remembered how Sungmin had moaned, and it was one of pleasure. Pain, too, but there was pleasure all the same. His body had responded, his arousal evident. Kyuhyun felt the weight on his chest lighten ever so slightly at the thought. He’d been the one to approach Kyuhyun in the first place, right? There was still a spark in Sungmin’s heart, one that Kyuhyun could turn into a blaze.

He lay beside Sungmin, wrapped his arms around him gently and watched him breathe through parted lips. He never realised how cold he was until he felt the smaller man’s warmth, and it scared him. He was truly a monster. Heechul saw it, even if Sungmin didn’t.

And Hankyung sought to use it to his advantage.

He’d never trusted the Chinese man, and his ulterior motives were obvious. Kyuhyun was to be their weapon, though he had no idea what use he would be.

He pressed closer to Sungmin, buried his face in the crook of his neck. He could feel his pulse against his ear, and it soothed him. Kyuhyun had no pulse, he’d checked. He was a dead man walking, living on stolen blood, but he was still clever, cunning. Sungmin had turned him into an idiot before, but now he would truly save him. He’d play nice with Hankyung, submit and obey, but the moment he was unguarded he’d attack. Kyuhyun was no tool.

Heechul was dangerous, watching him with the eyes of a panther - but if Heechul was a panther, Kyuhyun thought himself a Lion, and he meant to tear Heechul’s whiskers out one by one should he pounce.


They didn’t drive far, just enough to put the horde behind them. Hankyung wanted to save gas. Petrol was rare, the gas stations completely dry. He’d saved a few jugs while he was waiting for Heechul and Sungmin, but they wouldn’t last long. He parked them in a high-rise parking lot, fifth floor with a good view of the streets below. The street lamps didn’t work anymore, not for months. The national grid had cut out, and now Seoul was wrapped in darkness, only the stars and the moon to see by.

The engine rumbled to a halt, Hankyung twisting the keys and leaning back in his seat. Heechul leant forward. ‘How do you know where they are? Why would Jungsu be there?’
‘There was more than one facility, I said that.’ A sort-of smile touched his lips, almost apologetic. ‘I didn’t say Jungsu would be there for certain, but where else could he and Youngwoon have gone?’ He saw Heechul’s expression turn glum, shrugged his shoulders. ‘You shouldn’t get your hopes up.’

Heechul’s expression turned sour at his words. ‘That’s easy for you to say,’ He retorted. ‘You’ve never had friends.’ He left his seat, storming through the kitchen and pushing aside the curtain, disappearing from view. Hankyung didn’t say a word.

What could he say? Heechul was right. He’d never had friends, so he had no idea what Heechul was going through. Hankyung couldn’t offer comfort; he could only do his best to fix what Heechul had become, and what he would become if he didn’t find these people soon. If they found Jungsu and Youngwoon on the way, that was great.

But fixing Heechul came first.


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